This year, perhaps, all the long-delayed weddings will finally take place. One of them will be my sister's creative wedding.

One winter windy day we decided to make a mini photo shoot. And my brave sister put on her clothes and dropped her coat. :) I'm going to create a special hair accessory for her. But in the meantime, we took pictures of my hair accessories, which are generally popular with brides since the beginning of the year.

silver metallic veil, silver veil, photo shoot

Pearls, pearls and pearls report return:

hair chain, pearl hair chain, long hair, silver dress

pearl hair vine, pearl hair chain, winter wedding, silver dress, long hair

pearl hair pins, bride, long hair, boho bride

Bows of various kinds and materials:

hair bow, boho bride, silver dress

Veils in gold and silver metallic color:

silver veil, silver metallic veil, modern bride, sequin dress

Boho headpieces with vintage lace:

boho bride, vintage lace headpiece, vintage inspired headpiece

Since it was winter, we also took a picture of my headband with handmade snowflakes or stars?

constellation headpiece, satr headband, snowflake headpiece

star headband, constellation headband, snowflake headband

Hope you enjoyed my reminising about winter and spring, we wait for you impatiently.

Have a great day!